About Pool Pros

Family in pool

Pool Pros, serving Oklahoma and Texas for over 40 years, is owned and operated by Dustin Marco. Dustin has years of experience and continues to work in this industry because he says, “It is a great feeling when you see the joy on a kid's face as they play in their new pool and knowing that you put it there!” Dustin learned the ins and outs of the industry from Ed Blakley. Ed Blakley founded Blakley Pools and Spas in 1964 and as one of Oklahoma's most experienced pool contractors, he decided to take Dustin on as a protégé around 1990.

Dustin began on Blakley's excavation crew. Then in 1998, Dustin purchased the construction portion of the business because, as Ed Blakley said, “I'm getting too old for this.” After 35 years in the industry, he felt comfortable handing the controls - ok maybe just part of the controls - over to Dustin. And in 1998 Pool Pros was born.

From 1998 until 2009, when Ed Blakley decided to retire, both men ran Pool Pros. Today Pool Pros is owned exclusively by Dustin Marco, who purchased the remainder from Ed Blakley.

Over the years Pool Pros has expanded to include not only pool construction but total backyard and custom construction projects as well. Using cutting edge technology, including GPS dispatching, “green” paperless work order dispatching and technician time tracking, Pool Pros focuses on running an efficient operation with the use of up-to-date technology in an effort to provide their clients with the best service possible.

Pool Pros also strives to have the most educated customer service representatives in the marketplace for the benefit and peace of mind of their customers. Dustin's good friend, Rod Huck is the service manager at Pool Pros. There are also 2 full-time technicians. Pool Pros staff is continually training and developing their service and construction skills. This educated staff allows Pool Pros to conduct most of their projects in house. All work that is contracted out is done so under Dustin's strict scrutiny and according to his quality standards.

Family in pool

Pool Pros runs a professional, quality operation all under the watchful eyes of Dustin Marco. Their goal is to turn your dream backyard into a reality. There are many options when designing or remodeling your backyard and pool, but don't be afraid to think outside the box. Pool Pros welcomes a challenge and the chance to be inventive. Designing a backyard and pool is a fun, creative process. You can count on Pool Pros to work with you every step of the way.