Pool Cleaners

The Ideal Pool Cleaner- The PCC 2000!

The Pool Cleaning System

Our preferred Cleaner Is the PCC2000 Cleaning & Circulation System by Paramount Pool and Spa. Installed exclusively by our authorized factory-trained pool technicians, the PCC2000 keeps your pool healthy and clean with a patented virtually invisible automatic dirt and debris removal system designed specifically for each unique setting. Protect your pool investment with Paramount's PCC2000, designed to enhance any backyard oasis and help you enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.


When it comes to spending your free time there are more important things to do than tending to your swimming pool. Thanks to PCC2000®, the automatic in-floor pool cleaning and circulation system, your pool can be built to clean itself while you relax. Built right into the pool shell, the PCC2000® is engineered to clean your entire pool, including floors, steps, benches, walls, even spas. The PCC2000® is custom-designed for your unique pool shape. It is so effective that it will clean more than 99% of your entire pool, guaranteed, as well as significantly reduce heating and chemical costs for the life of your pool. When not operating, the cleaning jets disappear back into the pool floor, making it virtually invisible. There are no vacuum hoses left floating in the pool. All that's left is a sparkling clean pool that's ready to enjoy.

How it works:


PCC 2000 diagram

Not only is PCC2000® a powerful pool cleaning system, but it's also an advanced circulation system. Ordinary pools circulate water near the surface of the pool, where chemicals and heat are quickly lost into the atmosphere. This often leads to wasted chemicals, wasted heat energy and several poorly circulated algae-prone areas throughout your pool.

PCC2000 improves the poor circulation found in ordinary pools. Using rotating cleaning jets strategically placed in the pool floor, steps and benches, PCC2000 evenly circulates water throughout every square inch of your pool. This improved circulation has been proven to create cleaner, healthier more comfortable pool water while reducing the loss of chemicals and heating energy to the atmosphere. This means PCC2000 will save you money while it delivers healthier water. Independent studies have proven that you can expect significant savings in chemical costs and heating costs for the life of your pool.

Circulation benefits:

Paramount's Debris Containment Solution Is Just That, A Solution Minimize Maintenance, Maximize Fun!

Paramount Filter Diagram

When dirt, sand, leaves, and debris fall into your swimming pool, they usually end up sinking to the bottom. The Paramount Debris Containment Canister provides a convenient place to collect debris for easy removal, right from the deck of the pool! With a capacity 400% larger than your average pump basket, you can dispose of the contained debris easier and less often. Conventional pools accumulate debris quickly. Pools equipped with the Paramount Canister are cleaner pools with debris held out of sight and ready for easy disposal. The Paramount Canister connects to the suction side of the pump, using the power of the pump without robbing performance and allowing your pool builder to install a smaller, more economical pump.

Pressure Cleaners

Pressure Cleaner

Pressure Cleaners are also very effect at keeping your pool clean and debris free and are a more economical approach to cleaning your pool. We prefer Polaris Pool Products, the most powerful pressure-side cleaner available. It's the ideal choice for inground pools exposed to higher loads of leaves and debris. A leading choice for pools with yards with lush landscaping and tougher cleaning challenges.